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Baby Lullaby Videos

The music will help distract and calm your baby with soothing music and calming visuals. Play the soothing music to help your baby to sleep ~

音樂將有助於分散和平靜您的寶寶與舒緩的音樂和平靜的視覺效果, 播放舒緩的音樂將幫助您的寶寶睡覺~

Our mission is to bring soothing visuals and, songs, sounds and  music, for you and your baby to enjoy together.


Parents and Educators Understand 

Parents and educators understand that music stimulates the baby’s brain, making it easier for them to learn and absorb more from their environment. Keeping a babies brain stimulated will help in future education, especially learning to talk, read, and write.

父母和教育家了解音樂會刺激寶寶的大腦,使他們更容易從環境中學習和吸收更多。 保持寶寶的大腦刺激將有助於未來的教育,特別是學習談話,閱讀和寫作。

White noise, background music, and soothing sounds will help lull babies to sleep, encouraging restful nights for baby and parents alike. Our lullaby sounds are designed to be press-and-play, with long tracks, up to 12 hours, ensuring once you press play you will not need to think about the track for the rest of the night.

背景音樂和舒緩的聲音將有助於讓寶寶睡覺,為寶寶和家長們提供寧靜的夜晚。 我們的搖籃曲的音樂設計有長達12小時的音軌,確保一旦你按下播放,你整個晚上都不需要擔心, 可以安心的享受音樂。